Communications towers

ISP provider Lava Net in Camperdown book our services in May 2020 to fit some new equipment to their communication tower.

The dishes we installed provide internet to many homes and businesses in the local area who don’t have access to fixed or wireless NBN.

We were able to assist in locating the new equipment on the tower and removing some redundant/aged fittings.

Private masts and antenna poles

GBM technology in Camperdown recently needed to access the very top of their communications pole to replace some redundant equipment.

We were able to reach in comfortably and provide a safe, secure work platform for their network engineer to complete the upgrade.

Bob took care of the controls and even provided and extra set of hands.

Elevated Work Platforms Sign Installation

Signage Installations

We recently teamed up with tony and Paul from Sign Installations.

The job assisted a client to get their message out in the Moorabbin area.

If you require assistance reaching a location like this, please call Bob. We can assist, advise and use our travel tower to get the job done safely.